Modern Living Room Rugs

Oval Rugs

Looking for an eco-friendly and stylish addition to your home decor? You need go no farther than our magnificent selection of oval rugs, which are painstakingly made by hand from real jute fibers! These carpets not only provide a distinct rustic appeal to whatever area they adorn, but they are also a sustainable and ecologically responsible choice. They convey a message of sustainability and flair at the same time because to their classic charm and environmentally responsible design. Examine our selection now to find the ideal eco-friendly option to improve the atmosphere in your house.

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Kids Playroom Rugs

Round Rugs

Use our exquisite selection of circular rugs made from natural jute to turn your living area into a haven of elegance and sustainability! Every rug has been painstakingly created with distinct, organic color variations and sumptuous textures, lending depth and personality to any space. These carpets, which are made of sustainable materials, give your home a dash of rustic appeal while also reflecting your dedication to living sustainably. Choose our unique circular jute rugs to make a striking and memorable statement for your house.

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Dining Placemats

Use our high-quality, environmentally friendly jute placemats to elevate your eating experience! These placemats, which are expertly fashioned from natural, sustainable jute, give any dining area a rustic yet elegant look. Their natural fibers provide outstanding longevity and little maintenance, making them perfect for daily use in addition to providing a chic, earthy look. These stylish but useful jute placemats are a great choice for anybody looking to balance style and the environment on their dinner table. Find the ideal balance between style and utility—shop today to infuse your house with a hint of sophisticated organics.

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Our Story..

The Eco Crave Ltd. crew operates on an insatiable desire for success. A desire to spend more time outside. Our core beliefs are based on a desire for environmentally responsible, long-lasting goods that also respect and honor their creators. We take pride in the aesthetic and practical design of our wares. Quality is essential since we are representing Bangladesh abroad, preserving a tradition that dates back generations, and keeping our word to the craftspeople and their families. Our products are made entirely from all-natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable, ethically obtained components.

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