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Jute cotton Collections

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Golden fiber collections

jute rug

ECO Crave Zebra Zenith Braided Rug 2x3 FT Eco Crave

Golden fiber collections

braided rug

Dining placemat

hand crafted placemats

Whether you’re hosting a formal dinner in the dining room or enjoying a casual brunch on the patio, date leaf placemats enhance the ambiance. Their subtle sophistication and tactile delight invite diners to appreciate both artistry and authenticity.

Whether it’s the classic rectangle

the graceful oval

or the charming round

we have the rug to complete your home’s look .

From Classic to Contemporary

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Classic braided rug

Jute cotton rug

jute rug


braided jute placemat

Crafted from the finest golden fiber jute, these placemats are more than just table accessories; they’re a statement of conscious living.

Whether you’re hosting a cozy family dinner or a grand soirée, our Eco Crave Jute Dining Placemats effortlessly elevate your dining experience.

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Unraveling Elegance, One Thread at a Time

Classic braided rug

All our materials are natural, sustainable, biodegradable, and ethically sourced.

The team at Eco Crave Ltd is driven by a longing. A longing for a life lived within nature.Our values are guided by a longing for eco-friendly, sustainable products which nurture and celebrate the craftspeople.

Our products are shaped and fashioned with an eye for aesthetics and functionality. And the quality of our craft is imperative for we are promoting Bangladesh to the world, supporting a centuries-old heritage of craft, and upholding a commitment to the artisans and their families.

Innovation in Every Thread

Rugs: The Ultimate Upgrade With High Quality Jute Rugs

Rugs: The Ultimate Upgrade With High Quality Jute Rugs

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Tossa Jute: The Golden Fiber of Bangladesh

Tossa Jute: The Golden Fiber of Bangladesh

Tossa jute, known locally as 'sonali ansh' (the golden fiber), is a significant cash crop in Bangladesh, cultivated mainly in the lower flood plain. This robust plant is renowned for its superior q...

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Eco friendly jute rugs do decorate your bedroom. Best bedroom rugs to design your interior.

Why Jute Rugs Are So Popular in the USA and Canada ?

A Top Choice in North America In both the USA and Canada, jute rugs have established themselves as a staple among homeowners, finding their way into countless households across the continent. Let'...

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Find Out Why Jute Rugs Are the Best Choice for Customers Who Care About the Environment !

Find Out Why Jute Rugs Are the Best Choice for Customers Who Care About the Environment !

In a world where sustainability is the name of the game, jute rugs are stealing the spotlight. But what's all the fuss about? Let's dive deeper into why jute rugs are the top choice for those who w...

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